SC Product Information

Coolant & Loop Cleaning Products:
No incompatibilities or issues have been reported for the following products.

  • Spectre 1.0.
  • Spectre 2.0.
  • Wraith.
  • Arterial.
  • Resonance.
  • Resonance 2.0.
  • Distribution Plates.

The following products have had issues reported with certain coolants and cleaning products.
Protium Acrylic Range.

Most issues have been reported with Primochill, Thermaltake and Aquacomputer Coolants.
We recommend Mayhems or EK coolants.

A very high level of issues have been reported with Primochill loop cleaning products.

We recommend distilled water or Mayhems Blitz for cleaning your loop.
Do not use vinegar as a high level of issues have been reported and do not use any other cleaning agents.
Acrylic is highly sensitive to alcohol and solvents, be very careful what you use to clean it. To clean acrylic externally we recommend a microfiber cloth and distilled water or Novus Acrylic Polish.

We are not responsible for staining of the acrylic, but it has never been an issue with our products. Most staining will be easy to remove, we suggest Mayhems Blitz to clean your loop. If you are concerned about staining, then we suggest Mayhems Non-Stain Dyes. If severe staining ever occurs the distribution plate can be dismantled and cleaned.

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