SC Products - Important Information

Important Information

Check that the products you use in your loop are compatible with Acrylic and Acetal. Improper use of loop cleaning kits could damage our products. Do not use any form of alcohol for cleaning our products including Isopropyl Alcohol. Some coolants also contain harmful additives. We are not responsible for damage caused by chemicals incompatible with Acrylic or Acetal.

No issues reported:

  • Mayhems Products.
  • EK Products.

Low level of issues reported:

  • Primochill coolant.

Moderate level of issues reported:

  • Thermaltake DIY LCS Coolant.
  • Aquacomputer DP Ultra.
  • Highest level of issues reported:
  • Primochill Reboot.
  • Primochill Sysprep.

As an alternative flush with distilled water, use Mayhems Blitz or remove our products prior to using Primochill Sysprep or Reboot.

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